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Nobo Luggage Tag – Pelode Plain


Nobo Luggage Tag – Pelode Plain


Tag your favorite travel bag with a personal touch by using our luggage tag made of palmyra leaves woven into a pelode pattern. Select from 8 available colors framed with faux-leather.


L 13 cm x W 7.5 cm

Tag your favorite travel gear with a personal touch and carry a little piece of East Flores Indonesia whenever you travel. Our luggage tag is made of palmyra leaves woven into a pelode pattern, framed with faux-leather in 8 choices of colors.

Keep the weaving dry. Do not store it in humid conditions to prevent the product from changing color. If the product is exposed to water, clean it using a soft cloth and dry it in the sun, until it is dry. Don’t fill with items that are heavy or too full that can change the shape of the webbing. Keep away from sources of ignition or heat for long periods of time.

Social Impact

Improving Livelihood

The idea of livelihood for women weavers in rural villages can be entirely different from what most of modern society perceives. For them, it’s about securing truly even basic necessities of life.


From essential needs such as clean water, solar lamps at homes to access to books, scholarships, financial savings and improved nutrition – are all part of Du Anyam’s Community Development program to improve the livelihood of our rural communities in Indonesia.

  • ImpactImproving Livelihood
  • LocationNusa Tenggara Timur

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