In 2020 Du Anyam started on a new journey to use the beautiful and versatile Purun grass from South Kalimantan. Using Purun, that grow naturally in the peatlands as our new weaving material, extends positive impact beyond the social welfare of the women weavers. Supporting ​native plant growth​ in the peatlands sustains the peatland ecosystem which have an important role in mitigating global climate change, crucial environmental issues (drought, forest fires, flooding) and preserve global biodiversity.

Meet Purun

Purun is a grass-like plant that grow naturally in the peatlands.

What are peatlands

Peatlands are wetlands of 10% organic matter and 90% water


Importance of Peatlands

Peatlands play a critical role in preserving global biodiversity, provide safe drinking water, minimise flood risk and help address climate change.

Manfaat Purun bagi Hewan

Habitat for a wide variety of plants, birds and insects

Manfaat Purun bagi Lingkungan

Deep water reserve tank

Purun Dapat Mencegah Bencana

Flood and fire prevention

Purun Mengurangi CO2

As a natural CO2 trap

Purun Sumber Pendapatan Masyarakat

Source of community income

Impact of Damage to Peatlands

Bahaya Tanpa Purun bagi Kehidupan

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Purun Grass

Won’t the use of purun make it endangered too?

No. As native peatland plants, when grown plants are plucked, regrowth occurs naturally whilst maintaining the natural hydraulic function of the peatland ecosystem.

What can you do?

Buying purun means supporting the local weaving community, who are important stakeholders, in protecting the peatlands against misuse, burning, land conversion and degradation

“One purun can make a difference. YOU, can make a difference.”