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Product Quality

We strive hard to keep the same color consistency across all our products. However, as we are working with natural products, there is no one product that is exactly the same. We also try to give the most accurate photos of our products on our website. However, due to different screen resolutions and such, colors might appear differently.

Pricing Policy

All the prices shown here are currently in Indonesia Rupiah (IDR). Prices may change without any notification. Customers purchasing from other countries can only use our available types of payment.

Delivery options

Delivery is only available for any addresses within Indonesia. Although a user from another country can purchase items on our website, we only serve shipping/delivery within Indonesia.

Privacy Policy

We use MidTrans as our sole payment gateway for any retail transaction. Our payment gateway has a system that protects all sensitive information, including but not limited to:

  1. information of online transaction (card number, user ID, etc);
  2. customer information (personal info, address, etc);
  3. other information that is deemed sensitive

The payment gateway saves and protects the online transaction information for 24 months after the date of the transaction.


We do not tolerate any apparent abuse of our site (i.e.: ordering in bulk and abandoning payment multiple times). Any suspect activities grants us to block users from our site

Intellectual Property Rights

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