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Aji Card Slot – Pelode Plain


Aji Card Slot – Pelode Plain


Price above is only applicable for order above 100 units. For quantity <100 units, salesperson will contact you after you submit order online.


L 10 cm x W 0 x H 8 cm

Keep the weaving dry. Do not store it in humid conditions to prevent the product from changing color. If the product is exposed to water, clean it using a soft cloth and dry it in the sun, until it is dry. Don’t fill with items that are heavy or too full that can change the shape of the webbing. Keep away from sources of ignition or heat for long periods of time.

Social Impact

Job Creation

Poverty, malnutrition, subsistence farming – are social problems of rural East Flores. With little to no cash on hand, many families face economic hardships that are worsened by the lack of health facilities, transportations and other basic necessities. 


Through weaving work with Du Anyam, women weavers gain access to cash and fair pay, while still being able to take care of their children and domestic work. 40% of weavers start to have savings. While supporting jobs are also created for tree climbers, transporters and field coordinators.

  • ImpactJob Creation
  • LocationEast Nusa Tenggara

Why Du Anyam

High Quality Craftsmanship
Modern and Functional Design
Socially Impactful Products