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Empowering Lembata

Expanding our reach to more villages and collaborating with more wonderful weavers has become one of the top priorities in our Wishlist. We are thankful that fate has brought us to this beautiful island called Lembata, one of the islands located in the middle of East Flores District and Alor Islands. The landscape is mesmerizing and the tradition is also profoundly rich.

Mother’s Day Special: Angela Lolon Koten

We have worked with so many amazing women, but one of the most exemplary figures, both as a team member and as a mother, is Angela Lolon Koten. Angela is our Field Facilitator in Solor Island, East Flores, and has been proven to have such a strong work ethic as she always finishes her reports very orderly and always submits them on time.

From Zero to 500 Weavers

Cherishing not only the accomplishment, but rather the process. We only started with zero weavers four years ago, now we are beyond grateful for being able to work with 500 amazing, talented weavers across 21 villages in Flores, Kalimantan, and Papua. It certainly wasn’t always easy, but with tenacity and hard work from a lot of great people, what we all hoped for seems possible to achieve.

Weaving With 303 Women In Solor Island Du Anyam Celebrates Their 4th Incredible Anniversary

On November 26th, 2018, Du’Anyam team from Jakarta, Kalimantan, and Papua gathered in Solor Island, East Flores for an annual gathering while celebrating our fourth anniversary. The gathering was conducted by celebrating the success with the weavers. During this event, hundreds of the weavers gathered to create wicker weaving made from Palmyra leaves, continued with blood pressure check-up, lunch feast with nutritious foods, and scholarships distribution for the weavers.