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Mother’s Day Special: Angela Lolon Koten

We have worked with so many amazing women, but one of the most exemplary figures, both as a team member and as a mother, is Angela Lolon Koten. Angela is our Field Facilitator in Solor Island, East Flores, and has been proven to have such a strong work ethic as she always finishes her reports very orderly and always submits them on time.

A Session with Arina Nikma Baroroh, Junior Project Manager

Arina Nikma Baroroh, our 28-year-old Junior Project Manager is Du’Anyam’s first team member who has been with us since the beginning of our humble journey. Arina coordinates the weaving productions, training, community development, and social programs in Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur. As she almost single-handedly grows our program and presents herself alongside our weavers right from the start, we couldn’t be like we are today without her astounding work. Now she manages our projects not only in Flores, but also Papua and Kalimantan.