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This special container is handmade by our women artisans in Flores, Indonesia. Keleka not only works as a multifunction storage space, but it is also often used as an artistic home decoration and wall art. Kalo sudah lengkap informasinya, maka technically, produk tersebut bisa naik ke website product page


Mini = D 10 cm x H 3 cm; W 1 kg
S = D 20 cm x H 5 cm; W 1 kg
M = D 25 cm x H 6 cm; W 1 kg
L = D 40 cm x H 7 cm; W 4 kg

Traditionally, this handmade container crafted by our Flores women artisans is used as a small plate. Now, you can utilize Keleka as wall decoration, a multifunction container, and also, a unique vase to display beautiful and aromatic flowers or other items to style your interior.

Keep the weaving dry. Do not store it in humid conditions to prevent the product from changing color. If the product is exposed to water, clean it using a soft cloth and dry it in the sun, until it is dry. Don’t fill with items that are heavy or too full that can change the shape of the webbing. Keep away from sources of ignition or heat for long periods of time.

Social Impact

Women Empowerment

Poverty, malnutrition, subsistence farming – are very real social problems of rural East Nusa Tenggara, the third poorest province in Indonesia. Through our weaving program women artisans have been empowered from being passive homemakers to active income contributors, whilst taking care of their children and domestic work. There has been a 40% increase in their income, enabling 40% of weavers to have savings.


Weavers have gained self-esteem in discovering that their handwork can become products of high economic value. Hundreds of training are given year round – from re-skilling, up-skilling weaving techniques to supervisory, fulfilment and operational management for over +1100 weavers.

  • ImpactWomen Empowerment
  • LocationEast Nusa Tenggara

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