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Biodegradable Slippers

Biodegradable Slippers


Size 35 :  23 cm x 9 cm

Size 42 : 27 cm x  10 cm

Size 43 :  28 cm x  10 cm

Size 45 :  29 cm x  11 cm

Keep the webbing dry. Do not store it in humid conditions to prevent the product from changing color. If the product is exposed to water, clean it using a soft cloth and dry it in the sun, until it is dry. Don’t fill with items that are heavy or too full that can change the shape of the webbing. Keep away from sources of ignition or heat for long periods of time.

Social Impact

Malnutrition Intervention

Malnutrition is one of the biggest challenges in rural Eastern Indonesia. The complex issues of malnutrition need to be addressed not only via economic and infrastructure provisions but also, importantly, sustainable behavioural intervention programs.


Our Nutrition Promotion Programs aim to educate and influence local communities towards affinity for nutritional food choices, especially promoting locally grown superfoods. Intervention programs include promotion through fun-edutainment tools, healthy school meal campaigns, health screenings, nutrition packs, plus lens distributions and many more.

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