Social Impact

Working closely with the talented women of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara,

Du Anyam creates wicker products through the most authentic craftsmanship.


With the goal of economically empowering and improving the health of these women

in rural areas around Indonesia, Du Anyam is a brand built upon the values of its founders.


 The three pillars of Du Anyam are:

Empower Women, Promote Culture, and Improve Livelihood.

Social Impact Report

40% increase in the women’s income

Distributed over 5000 basic needs packages

+50 remote villages across Indonesia have joined Du Anyam

+205 scholarships have been handed out

The Weavers

A family of talented, relentless, self-empowering women

The Du Anyam story began with a few weaving mamas in Flores, which slowly grew into a family of hardworking, creative and determined women from all over Indonesia.

While Du Anyam found a way to promote and reward their work, the real power of these women came from within themselves, as they continue to encourage & empower each other everyday.