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Human Resources & General Affairs Officer

Role: The Human Resources & General Affairs Officer is responsible for fulfilling daily tasks related to the HR and GA needs of employees under the coordination of the HRGA Coordinator.

Location: Jakarta

Working Hours: Full Time


  • Conduct systematic employee recruitment processes, starting from posting job vacancies, selection, document issuance, onboarding, to offboarding for employees completing their tenure.
  • Collect and periodically update all employee administration, including HR and GA data.
  • Issue, collect, and submit the results of performance evaluations for all employees, along with their analysis, to the HRGA Coordinator periodically and on time.
  • Create and submit employee entitlements (including compensation) in a timely manner to the HRGA Coordinator and Finance Team.
  • Execute employee engagement processes, including learning & training, career development, 1on1 sessions, and monthly HR activities.
  • Provide solutions and assistance to all employees in various HR-GA topics, such as leave and compensation, including ensuring a comfortable working environment.
  • Coordinate with the GA Assistant for the implementation of office maintenance, assets, supplies, and cleanliness to ensure a conducive working environment.


  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree (S1) in Human Resources Management (HRM), Management, or related field.
  • Minimum 1-2 years of work experience in HR and GA, particularly in HR management and office administration.
  • Knowledge of facility management, cleanliness, security, and office administration.
  • Ability in data analysis and handling obstacles/conflicts.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to learn, resilience, efficiency, persistence, calmness, and the ability to work both independently and in a team.
  • Initiative and solution-oriented.
  • Enjoys challenges, sociable, and adaptable.
About Du Anyam:

Founded in 2014, Du Anyam is an award winning and leading social enterprise in Indonesia. Our main goal is to empower women artisans in rural Indonesian villages through the co-creation and sale of handmade indigenous craft products. Our business model adopts an end-to-end concept, giving us the full control to co-creating, designs, skills training, quality standard, supply chain and marketing.


Du Anyam is built with the firm belief of social impacts to the underprivileged communities, especially women and their families. Our non-stop dedication has been recognized multiple times including winning the World Craft Council and Good Design Awards consecutively in 2018, 2020 and 2021.


The Du Anyam collection includes corporate souvenirs, hotel amenities, and home decorations available in local and international markets. We have crafted special edition items as promotional merchandise in international events, such as Asian Games 2018, IMF World Bank Conference, and G20 Summit. We also actively partner with international banks, airlines, government-owned and private sectors in furthering their social missions and CSR goals.


Behind our accolades is a small intimate team of strong-willed people like you, who thrive in the face of challenges by joining hands, hearts and hopes. Every step is made possible by the contribution of each individual. We are bold and hungry to do better than yesterday but we’re also a compassionate bunch with good sense of humour. We see every experience as a success or a lesson for our team. We stand by our 1400+ strong women weavers in remote parts of Indonesia, helping them gain access to better socio-economic conditions while spreading the beauty of Indonesian culture.

Send your job application and resume to tika.duanyam@gmail.com

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